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A picture tells a thousand words. These photos will help to explain some of the news, info, and projects that the Real Estate Marketing Alliance (REMA) Team have worked on either in part or in whole. These projects may or may not include all the team members of Parker Associates, REDdot Marketing Services, and PTC Computer Solutions.

The Real Estate Marketing Alliance – Parker Associates, REDdot Marketing, PTC Computer Solutions

Technologies to Achieve Your Business Initiatives
Increasing revenue, improving efficiency, reducing cost—these are all accomplished by implementing innovative technology that’s purpose-built to solve the challenges holding your organization back and start generating revenue.

According to this video marketing company technology helps industrial companies across the value chain to achieve impressive results for themselves, their customers, and the world. See why we’re consistently ranked as a leader for our proven technologies and why we talk about the reasons we must utilize softwares for our businesses.
Markets that Fit the Millennial Buyer Millennials are gaining real estate market share each year as they learn about building and flooring and they ask questions like What is Resin Flooring? and more. The largest living generation is aging into prime homeownership years and will drive the housing market going forward, and for those owning a home, having the right flooring is important so getting resources from sites like can be helpful in this area while for walls there are many options where you can find great walls and even movable walls from services that offer moveable walls in Manchester. They will need to get their own real estate agent to guide them through the whole home buying process and learn about the new technologies regarding real estate where you can make your home healthy with automation adding’s as for the driveways of the houses they decided to use anti slip paint from sites like so is safe to drive and walk. Parker Associates researched the data out there and sifted through the cohort’s preferences to identify the ten most desirable markets, learn more at homesgofast. SETTING THE STAGE The actual definition of a Millennial varies by source. Parker Associates is prone to defining the Millennial as a person born between 1980 and 2000. Obviously, there are some variations in these. Looking Ahead with the Pandemic The pandemic makes budgeting for 2021 very difficult, contact our virtual receptionist for more info. Looking ahead involves far more uncertainty than usual. To help, here is the outlook for a range of business costs. The U.S. economy will return to growth after contracting this year. GDP will rise 3.5% in 2021, after declining 5.3% in 2020. But the economy will not reach its pre-COVID-19 level until late 2022.

The Real Estate Marketing Alliance - Parker Associates, REDdot Marketing, PTC Computer Solutions
The Real Estate Marketing Alliance – Parker Associates, REDdot Marketing, PTC Computer Solutions