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Meet The REMA Team Principals

David F. Parker – Founder & President, Parker Associates

David F. Parker has been a leading real estate consultant for over four decades throughout the United States and in 16 other countries. Prior to that, he was president of Audubon New Community in New York, Deputy Director of Sadat City in Egypt, and Consultant to Milton Keynes New City in England. His lectures, articles and books guide many real estate developers. Dr. Parker holds two degrees in urban planning from Michigan State University and a doctorate from the State University of New York at Albany.

Jim Doyle – President, REDdot Marketing

Jim Doyle has launched several highly successful master planned communities literally from the ground up. Along the way, he has perfected a highly effective strategic planning approach, and developed many award-winning campaigns using traditional and new media from billboard, print, broadcast, and sales center displays to websites, email, pay-per-click and social media. REDdot specializes in Web-Centric marketing applications for the shelter industry with clients including complex master planned communities, large builders and other real estate oriented entities. 

J. Chris Parker – Vice President, Parker Associates

Chris Parker has positioned hundreds of successful developments during his 20 years with Parker Associates. In addition to conducting research and analysis, he served as company administrator. Chris also manages direct marketing and sales of real estate in Florida through Parfam Realty. His education spanned three continents in Egypt, England and Florida, after which he coordinated hotel accounting and professional golf tournaments prior to joining his father and brothers in real estate analysis and marketing.

David W. B. Parker – President, PTC Computer Solutions

David W. B. Parker has been at the forefront of web innovations since its earliest days in the real estate industry. His years of experience designing hundreds of websites, and proven expertise getting them noticed by the search engines, has kept PTC clients in front of the competition in the highly competitive environment for real estate on the web. He also developed the proprietary NETneighbor, a unique connected community Internet platform for planned communities. David brings advanced computer design skills to PTC as well offering complex networking, programming and database applications with a focus on real estate.


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