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Meet David W. B. Parker, MBA-ITPM

– Founder & President, PTC Computer Solutions

The Real Estate Marketing Alliance Team - PTC Computer Solutions President David W. B. Parker

David W. B. Parker has been at the forefront of web innovations since its earliest days in the real estate industry. His years of experience designing hundreds of websites, and proven expertise getting them noticed by the search engines, has kept PTC clients in front of the competition in the highly competitive environment for real estate on the web. He also developed the proprietary NETneighbor, a unique connected community Internet platform for planned communities. David brings advanced computer design skills to PTC as well offering complex networking, programming and database applications with a focus on real estate.

David "The Younger" began his company, PTC Computer Solutions ( in 1996 providing Internet services, web development, web hosting, web consulting, technology consulting, network support, online marketing, e-commerce, intranet, mico-marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, social networking, flash, java, graphics design, logo and brand development, as well as a number of other services to the Jacksonville, North Florida, national, and international small and medium sized business clients they have had through the years. David quickly established himself as an important addition to the Parker Associates group of companies supporting the office and its needs for technology and partnering to work with Parker Associates as warranted. His ability to handle large and complex spreadsheets and research-reporting has made him invaluable in our ability to provide for a great number of our reporting products. He has been involved in many studies through the years and most notably the Financial Market Analyses and research rich studies Parker Associates is so highly recommended for. David's background is one rich in technology and database support and he can be relied on to help provide for all the needs of our data rich product deliverables.

David has written a number of articles on consumer research methodology, marketing and sales, advertising and public relations issues as well as many articles on the use of technologies and intranet connected communities through the years in such publications as Seniors Housing News and Tech Builder among others.

Since obtaining his Bachelor in Engineering Sciences from the University of Florida in 1989, David went out to test the engineering waters with Ingall's Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi where he discovered his flare for computer technologies. He returned to complete a second Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida in 1992 before proceeding to work with such companies as CitiGroup and Aetna. He continued to develop his mastery of database services and launched his PTC Computer Solutions company in Jacksonville in 1996, the only internet provider of its kind at the time and still surviving today as the remaining innovator from that time period on the Internet in Jacksonville. Though much of his work has been Internet related through the years, his talents in producing the online newsletter for Parker Associates and other clients as well as developing intensive blog and data driven sites has landed his company in the Jacksonville Business Journal's Top Web Designers list repeatedly. David and his company, PTC Computer Solutions, has been a member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce since 1996.

With the completion of his Master's Degree in Business specializing in IT-Project Management, David brings a whole new level of project support and operations support to The Real Estate Marketing Alliance. If you are in need of any IT services or have any complex report structures you need completed, David and The REMA Team can handle them.

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