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The definition of product positioning is the design of products including buildings, communities and developments, as well as their communications media presentation, to appeal to the needs and preferences of the defined target consumers. It requires creative visual arts skills as well as knowledge of target consumer psychographics to prescribe optimum appearance and translation into target consumer appeal. Historically, developers have copied competition positioning that either appeals to them personally or appears to generate higher competitive sales. Although such precedents may produce positive results, they also reduce the potential of becoming a trend-setter based upon accurate consumer knowledge.

REMA bases product positioning on specific consumer preferences from current surveys and focus groups published by industry periodicals and reports, or direct consumer interaction designed and carried out by REMA experts and contractors. It is too important for guesswork or client opinions.

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  1. promote (a product, service, or business) within a particular sector of a market, or as the fulfillment of that sector's specific requirements.
    "a comprehensive development plan that will position the city as a major economic force in the region"

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