Alegria in Costa Rica Boosted by The Real Estate Marketing Alliance

When it came to getting people to look at Costa Rica in the late 90s and the early part of this century, Parker Associates and the REMA Team were the ones who were called.  Parker Associates has extensive knowledge of Costa Rica as well as the entire Caribbean Basin, Central and South America.

Alegria in Costa Rica sought out The Real Estate Marketing Team to help invigorate sales
Alegria, Costa Rica

The REMA Team was called in to help with waning interest on the Alegria Community near Flamingo, Costa Rica.  The downturn in the market in the middle of the last decade left Costa Rica floundering and with a large investment in standard marketing methods, Alegria came to REMA asking Who, What, How, and even When for their prospects.

Fortunately, The Real Estate Marketing Alliance is built on answering exactly those questions.  Who are the buyers?  What are they interested in buying?  How can we go about interesting them in the community?  And, during and after the Great Recession, When will the buyers be buying?

Through reinvesting time in the marketing and sales plans and budgets, The REMA Team was able to rework the strategies toward the correct target market and reinvigorate the efforts for Alegria.  Unfortunately, their capital backing left less to be desired and they soon pulled out of Costa Rica, but not for the lack of good planning and targeting.

REMA has decades of experience and knowledge in Costa Rica as well as all of Central America, The Caribbean Basin, and South America as well as many other international locations.  Contact The REMA Team if you are interested in bringing prospects to your community.  Email our team at or call us at 904.992.9888.

REMA Helps Connestee Falls Achieve Higher Sales

Connestee Falls is an established community near Brevard, North Carolina.  A community that was begun in the 1970s still had a number of lots available that were lying fallow.  The POA began contemplating how they could sell off their remaining lots but didn’t know where to begin.  Enter the Real Estate Marketing Alliance.

Connestee Falls marketing and sales help from the REMA Team
Connestee Falls – Lake Ataghi in the Fall

The REMA Team was able to suggest several options for reinvigorating their marketing efforts and help to improve upon their resales and lot sales moving forward through research and several charrettes with the board of directors and the sales team.

If you are looking to improve your marketing and sales efforts or just looking to reinvigorate your community, contact the REMA Team.  We can help with all or your marketing and sales planning, budgeting, and management.  Contact us at or call us at 904-992-9888.  No project is too large…or small.